Dear valued client,

Congratulations for your consideration of, and your interest in, the amazing jewellery designs of my truly delightful and talented wife, Dr. Jane.

Jane Magon has designed and manufactured mostly every item in her collection and developed a subsequently loving relationship with her signature pieces. Such fascinating behaviour came about primarily because each necklace came to life only after Jane was satisfied with its ability to represent, in creative terms, that which inspired its design, from her real-life experiences, in the first place.

Our financial advisors and I soon realised that such a commitment to inspirational and original design comes at a price.  For example in 2005 we spent weeks trudging the lanes, markets and antique shops in France, Italy and London in search of antique cigarette holders. If it wasn’t made from amber or bone (or natural materials), gold and silver trims and a relic of the previous centuries then it was of little to no interest to my wife.

In Jane’s world, every single item required to make her necklaces is both emotionally and creatively necessary (for her as the designer, and ultimately her clients).

The amount of time Jane spends, sourcing, procuring, designing and assembling her creation is endless.    Living in my delightful wife’s world over the past decade or more, with respect to her incredible jewellery designs, awareness of style and insistence of withholding her signature pieces from sale, has been most interesting.  Jane’s emotionally creative drive and my commercial responsibility required a compromise as every piece made is a unique, ‘one off’, with its own genuine individual story from conception.

Each  signature piece made by Dr Jane, who is also an accomplished artist and art historian, represents an incredible amount of time and cost. For Jane to maintain her intellectual affair with culture  and design we were both faced with a Herculean task. As a team we have worked tirelessly in excess of a decade ensuring her collection was large enough so that when a piece was sold, Jane had sufficient time to procure, design and make another ‘one off’ piece.

Jane’s life journey has been nothing less than incredible and as such, provides a rich source of social entertainment for the owner and subsequent admirers of each piece via such a beautiful and intriguing medium.

Only when a necklace passes from Jane to its new owner, is the final chapter of the designer’s journey in relationship with the necklace disclosed. Once Jane’s client takes possession of the newly acquired investment, a new and personal relationship will begin between the necklace and owner.

The natural transfer of  creative intelligence between the creator and owner provides a legacy of history and cultural entertainment for all those who visually experience its presence.
In conclusion I must say that when I consider the success of Janes brand and what it represents as far as her beliefs and why she does what she does, I would like to present my inner thoughts.

”It’s great to have money and all the things that money can buy. However, it is more rewarding to ensure you admire, wear and pay a fair price for only that which money can’t buy”.

Wally Eaglesham