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A subtle, elegant three-strand necklace with faceted rondelles in pink topaz, mauve ‘pink amethyst’, faceted lemon quartz beads and honey colours set off with impressive creamy-white freshwater pearls, a silver statement clasp set with a large, faceted pear shaped lemon quartz in sterling silver.

The lovely Brazilian rose quartz is cut in a tumble/twist-step cut. The beer quartz is in beautifully cut, clean tapered barrels.

The necklace is accented by very small warm pinks – of rhodochrosite and cherry quartz beads (2.00 – 4.60 mm in size).

Each Jane Magon piece is hand crafted and unique.

$1,900 Item code: GEM 21 (B)

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Odette is an interesting young woman, neck-length, rich brown hair (which she dyes from time to time) and cat-like pale green eyes fringed by thick dark lashes. She is young, single, pretty, stylish and restless – in fact born to be a party girl: parties, nightclubs, dancing and ‘dressing-up’ are her ‘forté’ …

The full story will be sole privilege of the owner of this piece to share as they wish.

An elegant necklace of light pinks, mauve, lemon and honey contrast with large creamy freshwater pearls and a large statement clasp of a large faceted pear shaped lemon quartz.

  • Brazilian rose quartz 13 step cuts (33 x 17.66mm)
  • rose quartz faceted cylinders (17.16 x 7.74mm and 15.37 x 6.21mm)
  • 14 x pink topaz faceted rondelles (graduating from 9.84 to 6.61mm)
  • 16 x pink amethyst faceted rondelles (graduating from 9.99 to 9.14mm)
  • 8 x tapered, faceted barrels of beer quartz,
  • (graduating from 14.84 x 10.81mm to 13.45 x 10.18mm)
  • 8 x lemon quartz faceted rondelles (graduating from 7.95 to 6.95mm)
  • 8 x small rhodochrosite: large
  • 6 (4.28 to 3.96mm) and 6 x cherry quartz (4.10 to 3.81mm)
  • Freshwater pearls are in three sizes:
  • 6x large (13.19 to 12.10mm)
  • 3 x medium (8.50 to 8.31)
  • 8 x small (approx.
  • hand wired on sterling silver wire
  • A silver clasp 22 x 24mm is set with a large faceted pear shape
  • (18 x 17mm)
  • LENGTH: shortest strand 49cm or 19 1/4 inches;
  • longest strand is 60cm or 23 1/2 inches