One Only Piece Policy

By accepting the 72 hour ‘refund window of decision’ which commences from the date you received the ‘One Only Piece’ it will remain on the website for the 72hr inspection period, and will only be removed on settlement (release of funds) being within the 72 hour window.

The reason we have implemented such a strict return policy in our terms and conditions is to protect you, our customer. How is that you ask? Because 72 hours is sufficient time to inspect such a beautifully designed item. It also allows us to keep the piece available for others that may be interested in owning it.

In the period between funds going into escrow and the release, the piece will be marked on the website as ‘Under Offer’. Other customers may enquire about the item, but will not be able to buy it unless it is returned and refunded.

If funds have not been released within the 72-hour inspection period, our dispute resolution team will be in contact to assist with the release or facilitate a return and refund.

Once a piece is sold, it will never appear on the Jane Magon website again. Some items are made to order. The product you see online is an example of my design, however we treat these items as completely customisable and will vary depending on the availability of stones and other precious materials.

The 72-hour refund policy provides you with the peace of mind that, without question, you are purchasing the highest quality custom jewellery. There is only one. There will only ever be one.

Thank you sincerely for your appreciation and support of such terms, as I believe that such transparency is fundamental in providing you, my client with unquestionable peace of mind, and myself as your personal designer, the joy of knowing that my inspiration in tandem with your guaranteed ownership of my creation provides you with a personal and powerful experience whenever you adorn yourself such a statement of self.

Yours in sincere appreciation

Warrior is you … Warrior is me!


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