Secure Delivery

When a Jane Magon piece chooses an owner, we want to make sure it arrives safe and sound. We trust Brinks to deliver our pieces globally. From packaging to insurance backed by Lloyd’s of London and unrivaled security, Brinks have been delivering valuables since 1859.

Most items will be delivered to your door via Fed Ex. Delivery for more exclusive items will  be delivered by Brinks’ full armored  service to a business, bank or hotel lobby.

Delivery times vary between countries as do liability and weight limits. We must adhere to each country’s laws. If your piece is not able to be shipped using conventional methods, call us to find out your options.

Free Shipping

Shipping logistics, taxes, and duties will be confirmed in writing and signed off before payment into escrow is arranged or shipping commenced.

The cost of all shipping, insurances and the recovery of duties and taxes will apply if a refund is requested after the product is shipped and/or if a refund is requested after the product arrives and packaging is confirmed as intact and sound by Brinks delivery personnel. See our Returns Policy for more details.

Said to Contain

Packages are not inspected prior to sealing ready for shipment. The contents and insurance value are based on a ‘said to contain’ basis. The shipper, whether that is Jane Magon Pty Ltd or the customer in the case of a return, is responsible for the contents and agreed value of the package.

Delivery Time

Once the funds are secured in Escrow, we will have your item shipped within 7 days and delivered usually in under 21 days. You’ll receive notification once the item is shipped and can go to the Brinks Web Portal to obtain your “shipment authorization number”. We will assist with all the necessary details.

  • Once shipped, your delivery address cannot change.
  • Orders will be taken and shipped in business hours.
    Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, Brisbane Australia Time – GMT +10 hours.
  • Does not include weekends or public holidays
  • All items are double boxed with no movement inside. These pieces took a long time to create. We want to make sure they arrive in perfect condition.
  • We have a single point of contact with Brinks to minimise risk
  • In addition to tracking the item on the Brinks Global website, we will provide an estimated arrival date to allow you time to organise for assessment of the items’
  • Actual arrival date may vary based on transport times and customs clearance.

Full Armoured Delivery Service

Items in excess of $50,000 USD will be delivered via the Brinks Full Armoured Service. This service is the best in the world.

  • Once an item is confirmed as deliverable to your country and duties and taxes are calculated, an SLI will be signed with Brinks
  • Delivery details are confirmed by Brinks
  • Parcel is collected by Brinks either by secure vehicle or by shipper drop in at a Brinks depot (this is done in view of the guards) – everything is done under dual control meaning 2 guards at all times
  • Item is transported
  • Item is delivered to your closest depot and sighed off
  • You will be required to sign off and present photo ID when collecting your item.


Your order will be shipped to you completely insured. We urge all customers to inspect your package for damage or tampering before receiving or signing for receipt.

For website, payments or delivery issues or questions, email our support team at [email protected]